I guess that a lot sure has changed ever since last time was writin’ y’all. Things were left off on a bad note with me. I had been goin’ through a phase of some sort and I was dealin’ with a lot of feelings that were pretty hard for me to deal with.

Feelings such as the fact I almost had died because that psycho maenad, Marianne wanted to sacrifice me to some giant meat n’ flower statue thing that was put up in poor Sook’s front yard while she was on vacation.

And the fact I had Bill’s blood an’ that gave me a lot of strange dreams n’ stuff… (don’t wanna go back to that.)

And then, I found my real family and found out that they were trash like I expected. Afterall, who gives up their first-born son for no reason? And a shifter baby, no less, with no understandin’ of what he was or why he was like that.

With all these things that were happenin’ to me, it brought back the darker parts of my life- the ones I’ve kept hidden for so long. And these things made me a mean, nasty person an’ I don’t wanna go back to that.

Then, I found out my parents were usin’ my kid brother in illegal dog fightin’ rings, which was a complete shock. So, I sent them back to Arkansas, an’ I didn’t feel bad about it either, they were awful people and terrible parents.

I let Tommy stay, because I know that I had the power (in a way) to help him have a better life. I helped him out with a place to live, gave him a job, and I could of gotten him a better education if he gave me the chance… But he didn’t. We ended up fightin’ an’ I shot him…

I had shot my kid brother. I mean, I had to do it because that little shit was gonna run off with e’erythin’ that I had. But, I still feel bad because he is my brother. After that – things sure have been different.

I have been in “anger management classes” – which is just nightly meetings with other shifters where we can talk about the fucked up shit that we’ve done. An’ it’s been helpin’ me out a bunch. Tommy’s leg got better ‘n now he’s been stayin’ at Maxine Fortenberry’s house, goin’ to church an’ tryin to be a better person… so he says.

A part of me wants to trust him, ‘n be brothers again – but I ain’t gonna let that little shit play me again. So, I guess we’ll just see where things go, ‘n I will write to y’all soon!



Well, it sure has been quite some time since I’ve been on this here blog… almost a year in fact. I’ve come to tell y’all, that I am back for good. Life had thrown some crazy things at me, and I had to give up one of my passions for stupid reasons. But, enough about that, I’m jus’ glad that I can be back, and tweetin’ with y’all and e’erything.

Hope to talk with y’all soon!



Hey y’all, I am running a contest for my 2000th follower! Who ever wins this will get a super awesome prize! The prize being a Season 3 Sam Merlotte T-SHIRT! The sizes range from S-XL in both men and women’s sizes. (shirt seen below)

So spread the word about this here contest! A few rules for this contest, you CAN NOT keep on creating multiple accounts to win this, because that isn’t fair. And you must have an active account! And please don’t get upset if you don’t win- I will be running more  contests soon so don’t get discouraged and try again! Good luck to you all!


As y’all know, season 3 has already started and it’s great so far! I just wanted to take some time to address y’all on some matters that keep poppin’ up and I just wanted to get them cleared up.


-I do not have spoilers for this season. I am not Sam Trammell, and I do not have access to these spoilers,  therefore I can not tell you any spoilers. If I make a post or a Re-Tweet with spoilers, I most likely got it from truebloodnet.com or another website that posted these spoilers.


-With the season going on, I am very busy with my journal on my Posterous (http://sammerlottebt.posterous.com/), doing scenes from the episode during the week, talking with all of you, and all of my real life obligations. If I do not respond to your tweets, I am very sorry. It’s not that I don’t want to talk to you, it’s just that I get a lot of tweets, and sometimes it is hard to respond to everyone. And if I don’t respond, tweet me again and I will talk with you! 🙂


-My Family. I get many questions about them and I would love to answer them but I do not have the answers. I watch the show like everyone else, and when you find out about them, I will too. As the season progresses, a majority of the secrets will be revealed about them and then we will all know about the Mickens.


-The dream about Bill was very disturbing… The only reason that I had it was because I drank Bill’s blood after I was stabbed by Maryann. Without his blood I would die. But, when someone drinks vampire blood it makes your senses more keen, and makes your libido more active. Also, having sexual dreams of the Vampire that had given you the blood.


-If you follow me and I am not following you back, shoot me a tweet and I will follow you. I’m pretty sure that I’m following everyone that is following me. And if I am not following your currently, tell me. 🙂

If there is anything else that y’all wanna know, ask me!


I would be tweetin’ y’all right now but I have been gettin’ the Twitter Whale for an hour now. So, I made an ultimatum with Twitter….

Hope this might fix things, but until then…*laughs*

-Sam Merlotte

I would like to thank all of the fans and role players that made the #BonTempsFest a success yesterday! I had a lot of fun participating in the football game and the wet t-shirt contest! As you all know, this was all for fun and it was a great kick off for the new season of True Blood !

For those who missed out on the football game yesterday, the #BonTemps #Renegades had won a close game against the #BonTemps #Bombers! Thanks for all the fans that supported their teams with the #GoTeam hastags and by adding Twibbons to their avatars!

I am proud to say that I had won the wet t-shirt contest last night. It was a very unexpected victory, but I am glad to carry the title of Best Bod in Bon Temps. For those that missed out on the contest, you’re in luck because you can still view the pictures of the candidates right here!

Thanks to all the fans that voted, and making this such a huge success !


As y’all know I am attendin’ the #UltimateTruebie event tonight, and I know that a lot of y’all are too. I would really love it if you guys would send me your pictures and videos that you take before, during, and after the event! You can email them to me at sammerlottebt@gmail.com or DM me @SamMerlotteBT with a link, and I will make a blog with all your cool pictures and give shout outs to all that submit things ! 🙂